To Blog…or not to blog?

Wow, it’s our first blog post!  We love to refer to ourselves as the internet around here and now we are taking a first step towards participating in the wonderfully interactive World Wide Web.  I won’t lie to you, I am nervous!

This blog will cover a variety of topics that we hope you find interesting and relevant.  We don’t plan to limit ourselves on topics but we will try to keep them under the general umbrella of benefitting you: our membership.  This certainly leaves a lot of room to explore a variety of topics and we’d like to ask you to help us in that regard.  Email, call, or tweet technical questions, musings, or even what-ifs and we will do our best to answer them here. 

Though we are launching the LARG*news feed to provide regular updates, this blog will be more informal and technical (and *hopefully* also amusing).  It gives us a chance to share cool technologies and ideas with you and, more importantly, gives you a chance to pick our brains. 

We need your help!  We are capable and efficient technical people who tend towards geeky interests and hobbies.  If you don’t help us by steering the conversation through your questions, you can’t be mad if we blog a lot about super hero movies, tech toys, and Netflix!

So consider this a challenge to you, dear membership.  The gauntlet has been laid at your feet and we eagerly await your response.  Help us help you.  <Insert other clichés here.>

- Paola