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As this is the first edition, please give us feedback on what you would like to see in the newsletter going forward. We would like to start a Q & A with the membership so please send us your technical questions and we will answer them in subsequent posts.

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Internet use:

Year over year our consumption of internet transit continues to rapidly expand. LARG*net is currently peaking around 7Gb of Internet Transit for it’s entire membership!

LARG*net’s  directly connects to TORIX now with a 10Gb port. This direct connection allows for direpeering with may upstream parties such as Microsoft, Google, Akamai and others.

Current direct peering is typically hitting around 1-2Gb of all internet traffic (The more we peer, the lower we can offer our transit pricing).


Network Rollout 2015:

In late 2014 LARG*net made a substantial purchase of two new ASR 9001 (NV) routers, and two new Catalyst 6880 (vss) switches. These new devices will allow for continued growth of Internet Transit from additional 10Gb providers, as well as increased resiliency in our service delivery. 

This next-generation design addressed the following requirements, for the next several years:

  • 40GB in our core network
  • 20GB Internet transit
  • Increased resiliency
  • High-Availability

On February 18th, our network team rolled out the new ASR 9001 devices, replacing our older border routers, with no perceived impact to our membership.  These devices utilize Cisco's NV technology to simplify network complexity, provide resiliency and increase overall throughput


Network Rollout Phase 2: 6880s

Over the next few months LARG*net will be rolling out Phase 2 of the network project—implementation of the Cisco Catalyst 6880 switches.

These new devices will be used to terminate our members into a 6880 VSS cluster, allowing for seamless failover in a device failure event. Seamless failover applicable only to dual-homed members.

The benefit of these devices is that they allow for much greater 10Gb port capacity, as well as simplified management and troubleshooting.

This will fully evolve the LARG*net network into a 3-Layer Network Design, improving upon the High-Availability design that members have come to expect.



The phase 2 rollout will begin in late Spring/ early Summer 2015 when member traffic volumes are seasonally lower.

These changes will cause brief disruptions in member traffic, but they will be coordinated on a member-by-member basis to minimize impact.


Staffing Change:

Well folks, April 10th will be my last day as Operations Manager at LARG*net. Over the past 7 years it’s been my absolute privilege to carry the ball forward with the LARG*net team and its extremely supportive membership.


Since my start in 2008 I’ve witnessed our growth of Internet transit from 400Mb to 8Gb (~8000Mb); while reducing the cost by 93%! We’ve connected to the Toronto Internet Exchange, setup direct peering with Akamai, Google, Microsoft, and made an Internet Service both scalable and extremely resilient. We’ve simplified and improved upon our network and operations, dramatically reducing after hours issues and support. We’ve embarked upon dark fiber, wireless point-to-point, and network design solutions (for members). The list goes on, but it speaks volumes of the talented people involved—the network team, the Executive Director and the Admin officer.


So thank-you for this wonderful opportunity, and all the best to LARG*net and its membership for the future!
- B. Gray