Receiving inbound IP video calls:

In the scenarios below, we refer to either the H3232 id or E-164 alias of your endpoint which the outside caller is trying to reach. If you are unsure of a particular endpoint's id or alias, you may look it up using TMS. (Click the "Endpoints" link on the left side of the screen, then click on the name of your endpoint. You will see the H323 id and E-164 Alias under the "System Settings" section.)

Option 1 - URI Dialing:

This is the simplest method to receive a call if the remote V/C endpoint is capable of URI dialing. The remote endpoint would dial using or

Option 2 - Calling through the bridge:

Create a conference using TMS and add as many "External" participants as needed. The settings should be as follows:
Direction - Dial In
Protocol - IP / H323
Type - Video
Once the conference is scheduled, you will receive an email notification. Here is an example:


IP Video Dial In connects to MPS800 (H323: 5195550003)

The remote caller should use one of the following methods to connect:

A) Dial the IP address of the bridge: Once connected enter the conference ID using DTMF tones. (For this example: 5195550003)

B) Dial the conference ID with the IP address of the VCScontrol: 5195550003@
      (or the IP address of the VCSexpressway: 5195550003@

C) If the remote party is using a Polycom bridge to call in, use the following format: