Scheduling Calls With TMS

Login to TMS:

Go to "Booking", then click on "New Conference"

You may change the description in the "Title" window.

Select your "Start Time", "End Time" and "Duration".

Be sure to fill out the "Billing Code" field.

In the "Participants" tab, select "Add Participants..."

A new window will pop-up.

Click on the "Endpoints and Rooms" tab.
Check the box for the device you wish to book.
Click on the ">" arrow to move it to the "Selected Participants" window.

Now to add the bridge, select the "MCUs" at the top. Check the box for "MPS800" and click on ">"

To call others or to allow them to dial-in, select the "External" tab. Select the "Direction", this will determin whether the other party is dialing in, or if you are calling them. Select the "Protocol", this should be set to either ISDN or IP. Change the "Name field to identify the caller. This is a logical name, and could be anything descriptive. If you have multiple inbound callers, you may change the "Qty" field to reflect that. Click on the ">" arrow to add participants.

You may need to repeat the above step if you have multiple callers.

If you have your phone book setup, then you may also select you participant by using the "Phone Books" tab.

Once done adding participants, click on "OK" at the bottom of the screen.

If you are happy with your settings, click on "Save Conference".

Once saved, the next screen should show your conference information, and you will also receive an email.

If your enpoint is managed by TMS, it should automaticaly connect when the conference begins.

If you have inbound ISDN callers, the informations should show up similar to this:
ISDN Video Dial In connects to MPS800 (ISDN: +1 (519) 8586846)
This is the number they would have to call.

If someone external is dialing via IP, they would call the bridge ( followed by the conference ID.
To determine the conference ID, you will see:
(Description) IP callers connects to MPS800 (H323: 5195550001)
For this example the conference ID is 5195550001.