Video Conferencing

Welcome to the LARG*net Video Conferencing web portal. We offer our videoconferencing clients an infrastructure which includes a Tandberg MPS800 bridge, Gatekeeper and a Border Controller for H.460 compliant firewall traversal. LARG*net's direct peering with Internet2 provides fast and reliable access to numerous educational institutions. 

We support the following:

  • 12 full featured conferences.
  • 80 video calls at 384 kbps each (61 Mbps total bandwith available).
  • 2 ISDN calls at 384 kbps each (768 kbps total ISDN bandwith available).
  • 48 voice calls.
  • Widescreen HD 720p resolution.
  • H.264 video compression.
  • Advanced video options for continuous presence and H.239 support of Duo Video.
  • H.235 support for end to end encryption using 128 bit AES (v2 or v3) or 56 bit DES.
  • URI (DNS based) dialing.

Sites of Interest

  • Scheduler - Schedule interface to delete and edit calls.
  • TMS - Application used to schedule and manage conferences.

How do I ...