Using Movi to Place Calls


Movi Client for Windows

Movi Client for Mac

Install the software on your computer.

Once the installation is complete, start the client and click on "Advanced".

Fill out the following fields:

Internal VCS:
External VCS:
Transport: AUTO

(NOTE: If you are using Movi from within the UWO network, both Internal and External VCS should be set to

Click "OK" to save the changes and return to the previous screen.

Enter the provided Username and Password and click on "Sign In".

Once signed in, enter the number of the conference you wish to call and click the green phone icon to connect.

  • Adding Movi users in TMS:

Login to TMS and schedule your conference call.

When adding participants to your conference, click the "Users" tab and select the desired user account(s).

  • Calling a conference with Movi:

When you create a conference, you will see one or both of the following:

H323: 519555000x

(x will be dependent on your conference ID)

Either of the above numbers may be dialed from Movi.