Attacks? This is LARG*Net only.

Yesterday, Thursday October 25th, LARG*net's admin network firewalls blocked about 200,000 attacks. This amounts to just internet background noise. Hackers writing bots attack indiscriminately as they attempt to gain a foothold in your network. Once a machine is successfully infected it can be used to attack new hosts with the end result being expontential growth of attackers.

If you heard "proper firewall configuration is paramount" than you're on the right track to improving your organization's security. Unnecessary holes in your firewall can allow these attacks into your network so your configuration should be audited regularly to ensure only necessary holes are punched. If you're feeling overwhelmed you can contact us at for help securing your firewall or to request a quick checkup.

You may also be interested to know that IPv6 has security features that IPv4 does not. For one, IPsec is mandatory when using IPv6 so end-to-end encryption, authentication, and virtual private networking is far easier to implement. This is great news considering IPv4 addresses have been globally exhausted so the widespread adoption of IPv6 is a mere matter of time. Interested in getting ahead of the IPv6 curve but don't know how to begin? Contact us at for assistance.