Yoshitaka Sakurada - Japan's Minister of Cyber Security

Yoshitaka Sakurada has been making headlines recently for saying he has never used a computer and doesn’t know what a USB drive is for. This might sound ridiculous, but a person in his position shouldn’t use a computer.

Sakurada claims "I've been independent since I was 25 and have always directed my staff and secretaries to do that kind of thing, I've never used a computer!"

There’s a saying in our industry. The only secure computer is one that’s not plugged in. Sakurada is taking this maxim very seriously. He must take it seriously because he also has a rather large target on his head. Hacking a cyber security minister is a trophy few hackers could resist. Many hackers the world over will be trying to hack Sakurada's office.

It’s not uncommon for large organizations to have staff handle computer tasks for the top executives. In some cases top executives use a pseudonym user on their computers and do not manage their own data at all.

It might sound backwards but key employees should have limited to almost no computer access to ensure organizational safety. Even momentary outages for a key employee can be costly to the organization.

Windsor Ontario’s mayor has a pseudonym, Andrew Ray. Mayor Dilkens uses aray@citywindsor.ca daily to conduct normal city business.”