Very large password breach

A large password dump has surfaced today, January 17th 2019, and it’s one of the largest dumps to date being uploaded to Have I Been Pwned. Twice the size of the Myspace breach, nearly 5 times larger than the Linkedin breach.

Troy Hunt’s blog on the breaches goes into excellent depth providing details. He uploaded this data to Have I Been Pwned? Click here to head over to this website. Troy Hunt also operates this website.

We at Largnet love what Troy Hunt is doing, it’s helping make the internet a safer place.

2019-01-17 07_54_38-Window.png

It’s safe to put your email address in this search. If you’re lucky, your results look like this.

2019-01-17 08_07_33-Window.png

If you have been breached it looks like this.

2019-01-17 08_09_26-Window.png

What are your next steps? Change your passwords anywhere you use that email address and/or password. Pick more than 8 digits for your password, the longer the better. Check out XKCD.

Better yet, use a password manager. is a partner of Troy Hunt and Have I been Pwned. is also a very worthy mention. Free and Open source.