LARG*net's 1st packet - March 1st 1994

It was 25 years ago today on March 1st, 1994 when the first packet crossed LARG*net’s network. Here is an excerpt from an email documenting that exact moment:


At approximately 1720 yesterday afternoon (March 1, 1994) the first successful
ICMP echo (ping) packets were exchanged between a UWO host (julian) and the
RRI LARG*net router ( via the ATM network. The initial echo packet
traversed the various links in about 8 milliseconds (as timed from the Julian

Many thanks to Lance for getting the RRI router up and to Ted and Glen and
Brian for getting ours physically configured.

Subsequent tests showed that we can also reach the UH router (which shares the
ATM connection with RRI).


I would like to take a moment to thank all our members for their continued support over the years.

Thank you,

Tayfun Atasoy

LARG*net, Operations Manager