Antivirus Update June 2019

Our last update on the on-going antivirus battle was back in April so surely you are curious about the current results.

LARG*net still contributes to the collection and submission of new viruses via an online community of security-minded individuals. Crowd-sourcing the process enables quicker detection of new viruses and improves global antivirus response time. We believe strongly in this initiative as it increases global online security and will continue to participate.

New Virus Detections

These stats have been collected since we started this project. Our next report will reset to zero to remove historical bias and give a better current head-to-head comparison.

There has not been significant change in rankings. Trendmicro gained ground and surpassed Eset but the top 5 haven’t changed.

There is 1 new addition to VirusTotal that is climbing the ranks. Fireeye may be doing very well but are at a disadvantage because of their late arrival. To keep the stats interesting we will reset our counts for the next antivirus update to remove any historical advantage.

This will hopefully allow us to observe any change in performance by the incumbents and how the newcomers really stack up.

We track and report statistics on various attacks as well as viruses. For example, we typically average 100 unique SSH-based attacks daily. Every attacker’s IP is reported so that next generation firewalls can recognize these attackers and block connections they originate.

This graph highlights the type SSH-based attack data we collect.

This graph highlights the type SSH-based attack data we collect.